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Here you will find the latest pictures from new collections, Lookbook, ZaraPictures, Brothers and Sisters and other general news. Be informed that all the comments posted on this page do not represent the opinion of Zara company, its employees or affiliates. If you have any inquiry related to Customer Service, we kindly recommend you to go to @Zara Care facebook page. We are happy to read your comments and all of them will be reviewed, so please help us to keep this page clean by avoiding any of the following contents: •Personal information (such as telephone number, address, password, order number, bank account details). If you need to send us this information, we kindly ask you to contact us through private message. •Offensive, indecent or violent language •Violations of copyright or intellectual property rights •Off topic •Hateful or discriminatory comments •Advertising for other businesses or any form of promotion •Repeatedly comments of same content •Breach the provisions of the applicable laws •Information regarding a third party where you are not authorized to said disclosure All users must comply with the above, we will remove any comments that exceeds these guidelines. If someone persists in violate our house rules, we may block that person from further participation. We remind you that users must also comply with Facebook’s Terms of Use and other policies applicable to users of Facebook. Likewise, Zara shall not be responsible: -for the contents inserted by the users -for any loss or damages incurred as a result of the presence of Spam and/or bugs, virus, Trojans or any other files that could damage mobile devices or computers inserted by the users, -for the damages which may arise from the use of the information and contents of messages uploaded by the users. Therefore, the user, to extent permitted by law, shall be solely responsible for the contents, both vis-à-vis Zara and/or any company of its Group, and vis-à-vis any other user. Access to this page and use of the information and the contents included or available therein shall be the exclusive responsibility of those getting such access or making such use.

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