River Woods

Hopland 6, Antwerpen

An international and authentic lifestyle brand for the whole family with strong values as friendship and the sheer joy of living. Lees verder

River Woods is an international and authentic lifestyle brand for the whole family, reflecting strong values as friendship, family values and the sheer joy of living! River Woods' origins lie in a bygone era, the North-Eastern American lifestyle served as a source of inspiration for the creation of the brand. Translated into a commercial and contemporary collection, River Woods since then evolved into a brand offering casual and city collections for the whole family. Men, women, boys, girls and even babies and newborns, the whole family can dress in River Woods. The key factors of the growth and succes of the brand are a strict adherance to quality and a keen and exclusive distribution strategy. Through high-level multibrand stores and the well-known River Woods Company Stores, River Woods has put itself on the map. River Woods is available in 22 countries worldwide, and keeps expanding and exploring new markets and opportunities. New stores open in China, Hong Kong and Dubai.

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