Pal Zileri

Hopland 35, Antwerpen

Official Pal Zileri Facebook page. Avant-Craft vision of Italian heritage, time-tested quality craftsmanship and innovative style. Lees verder

Who is Pal Zileri? An intriguing question, with a complex answer. It’s the power of authenticity and origin of character. Always in search for inspiration, guided by innovation. Pal Zileri is the embodiment of a style, for all but not for everyone. Inspired by timeless Italian heritage and echoing the designs of new Creative Director Mauro Ravizza Krieger, Pal Zileri sews together traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde style and advanced techniques—a vision called Avant-Craft. Pal Zileri's horizons widen as its story unfolds. Today, Pal Zileri is undergoing a moment of creativity and growth unlike any in its 45-years. The collections are guided by the brand's Avant-Craft ethos—a combination of classic Italian refinement, time-tested quality craftsmanship and avant-garde vision. Discover the world of Pal Zileri online: #PalZileri_AvantCraft

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