Coco Loco Antwerp

Bolivarplaats 4, Antwerp

Drinking coconut water is a new way of life: Low in calories, full of vitamins and without additives! Lees verder

Coco Loco is a new brand which aims to provide the newest drink in town: Fresh young coconut water! Our Philosophy is all about freshness, purity and environment friendly. Our Mission is to bring fresh, raw, young coconuts straight from the tree into your hands! Young green coconuts contain dietary fats which may encourage weight loss, many fibers which help with balancing the sugar levels in the bloodstream, also do they contain several substances which may boost the immune system to help the body fight disease, the high mineral levels in the raw coconuts helps maintain normal body functions and promote overall health. Come enjoy your fresh coconut water at our bar here in Antwerp and future venues! Stay tuned for more updates on this!

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